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The Future of Work

Tech, Culture and the Sense of Purpose

We work with Podcast Hosts and Content Creators to promote creative and innovative work in the four categories of the Future of Work.

Art & Self-Identity

Combine traditional Art and Culture with cutting-edge technologies, such as Generative AI, Digital Art and NFTs, to create new entertainment possibilities and help people explore self-expression, self-confidence and self identity.

Health Equity

Leverage AI and emerging Technologies in HealthTech, AgeTech, FoodTech, Biodefense, to accelerate Health Equity for local communities, especially the underserved, so everyone, from children to the elderly, can live a healthy life. 

Financial Integrity

Leverage AI and cutting-edge Technologies in Investing and Fintech to detect and prevent frauds, maintain integrity and transparency in fundraising of startups and corporates, enhance trust and the peace of mind for small investors. 


Create a safe, secure and sustainable future with AI and emerging Technologies, such as decarbonized and next gen food, stable food supply chain and farming, solar and new form of mobility, new culture of living and circular society.

The Human Library

Profit, Passion and Purpose

We work with Writers and Journalists to share Human Stories and Self Experiences for the four personas of the Future of Work.

The Wealth Creator:
From Wall Street to Silicon Valley

The Small Investor:
Blood, Sweat and Tears & Fraud

The Savvy Consumer:
From Tokyo to New York

The Ambitious Founder:
Design Venture to Reach Endgame

The Accelerator Hub

Our two affiliated Strategic Partners provide essential supports to help you bring your Stories to Life.

Friends for Impact, a 501(c)3 Not-for-profit organization, provides infrastructure for fundraising activities.

FHH Ventures works with Collective Partners to accelerate innovations through AI & Emerging Tech Accelerator Hub.

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